Dogging and voyeurism laws in the UK

Many people have questions about whether the practice of dogging performing sex acts for voyeurs in a public or semi-public place is legal. We can't offer you legal advice on what's OK in your locality, but, we can give you some general idea of what current laws exist governing public sex and nudity, how they are commonly enforced, and how authorities are responding to the dogging phenomenon.

Staying Out of Trouble

If you are going to go dogging and want to stay out of trouble with the law, we would suggest that you choose your locations carefully. Pick spots where it is unlikely that an unsuspecting passerby will spot you. Don't engage in dogging anywhere remotely near children or families. Steer clear of seedy areas, as they may be under patrol for other criminal activities such as prostitution or drug traffic; this is a good idea for your own safety as well.

Also, if you are dogging, make sure that you aren't committing any other offenses, such as littering, damaging property, or committing traffic violations. Keep your fun clean and safe, and keep your eyes open.